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Connect Electronics Supplier Award 2019

Connect Electronics Team
Sunday 23rd June 2019

Successful Endeavours Supplier Awards Each year we give an award to a supplier who has provided outstanding service and helped us to delivery project to our clients. So this is not a case of delivery on time, expected quality or … Continue reading

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AI Revolution

Thursday 9th May 2019

Artificial Intelligence Revolution The Artificial Intelligence revolution has been touted for years now. And there is no doubt it is happening, just much slower than we would have expected. So are there examples we can draw on to evaluate what … Continue reading

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Victorian Boost Your Business

Business Victoria
Thursday 25th April 2019

Boost your Business program The Victorian government has often had the best business and technology voucher programs in Australia and the Boost Your Business program is no exception to that rule. Up to 12th May 2019 you can apply for … Continue reading

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