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arcHUB – Agilent Innovation in Analytical Science runner up

Wednesday 13th September 2017


Tonight I was at the CleanUp 2017 conference awards dinner. We recently learned that the the  arcHUB Smart Cities device was a finalist for the Agilent Award for Innovation in Analytical Science. This award was presented tonight.


 Clean Up 2017

Clean Up 2017

The arcHUB Smart Cities device measures multiple data types that are useful for the management of Smart Cities including particulates, gases, micro-climate, pedestrian traffic, water level and supports a host of other sensor types.


Agilent Award 2017 Announced

Agilent Award 2017 Announced


The Agilent Award for Innovation in Analytical Science presented during the CleanUp 2017 conference awards dinner.


arcHUB - Agilent Award Presentation

arcHUB – Agilent Award Presentation


The arcHUB Smart Cities device was runner up with the University of Newcastle winning the award.


arcHUB - Agilent Award Certificate

arcHUB – Agilent Award Certificate


Above we have Brian Oldland and Richard Dluzniak of The Active Reactor Company with Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours at the CleanUp 2017 conference awards dinner with the award certificate as runner up for the Agilent Award for Innovation in Analytical Science 2017.


arcHUB - Agilent Award For Innovation In Analytical Science 2017 for Australia

arcHUB – Agilent Award For Innovation In Analytical Science 2017 for Australia


The arcHUB Smart Cities sensor suite is an excellent example of a designed in Australia, Made in Australia product with massive potential for environmental and Smart Cities monitoring throughout the world.





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