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Casey Technology Expo 2015

Sunday 6th September 2015

Casey Technology Expo

This year the City of Casey held a technology expo to showcase some of our local technology businesses. It also included presentations from four businesses on how they got through the start-up phase and concluded with a shark tank pitch event for entrepreneurs aged up to 25.


3D Printed Spacer

3D Printing

As part of this event we included a demonstration of 3D printing. We were also pleased to see our friends from Zain Digital also there and providing one of the entrepreneur pitches.


Start-Up Success Lessons

We had the privilege of four companies sharing their story of how they got to a successful operating position. There were two start-ups and two transitions. I presented one of the stories. As an engineer, I discovered I had not learned enough about business to be able to run an engineering business that designed products for other people. I had the technical skills but not the business skills.


Young Entrepreneur Shark Tank

As part of the event, three sets of young entrepreneurs pitched as business proposition in a shark tank setting. I was one of the sharks. The winners were an architectural service L8 providing superior 3D renderings of new housing developments.


L8 Architecture Rendering

L8 Architecture Rendering

We look forward to next year’s event.


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