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LED Manufacture

Monday 7th March 2011

Making LEDs

There are a lot of processing steps that go into the Electronics Manufacture of a Light Emitting Diode or LED. OSRAM have released a video showing the processing steps that go into making an LED. Check it out below.



The LED increasingly becomes the light source of choice for most lighting applications as we look to Reduce Energy Use and our Carbon Footprint.


Ray Keefe has been developing high quality and market leading electronics products in Australia for nearly 30 years. For more information go to his LinkedIn profile at Ray Keefe. This post is Copyright © 2011 Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd.

2 thoughts on “LED Manufacture

  1. Hi Ray, this is Daniel. Just stumbled upon your blog and thought to say hello. I find very interesting stuff out here! We have, of late, started using LED lights in our office premises since we have benefited from the low power consumption as you have said. It would be truly beneficial if you could write a post regarding how LEDs can be used strategically in offices. Thanks.

  2. How illuminating (excuse my pun) was this excellent video. The work, taking many months and years, to reach to this stage, to be able to produce our LED lighting is unbelievable. I did not understand all of the video but it was so obvious to me the dedication the engineers have to put in to produce the final product. We take too much for granted I think. Many thanks for the video.

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