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Saturday 8th October 2011

Electronics Design in Melbourne

Successful Endeavours was featured recently in the Berwick Pakenham Gazette after winning the Electronics News Future Award for Industrial Electronics for 2011. I was asked what this meant by someone who knew nothing about electronics. I had to scratch my head about that. I’ve been doing this for 30 years so it is obvious to me but clearly that won’t be the case for most other people. What I came up with is this:


“If this were an athletics sports event, we just won gold in the Australian Nationals”.


When I think about it like that, then it feels pretty good. Here is the article from the Star News Group on 14 September 2011. It took me a little while to get a copy because it wasn’t delivered to our business and this is why I am posting this so late.


Electronics Design in Melbourne

Electronics Design in Melbourne



One thing that does confuse some of the people we know is how it is possible for a small business in prime retail territory in Berwick Village to be one of the top Electronics Design companies in Australia?


I think this is a very Australian phenomenon. Many of us are way better than we think we are. But we tend to push that aside and just plough on. This is also one of the reasons Australia is very good at coming up with new ideas, but then very poor at bringing those ideas to the market and making money from them. I have a bit more to say on that but will save it for another post.


So back to being located in Berwick Village. Our office in Berwick is on the first floor with lots of light and is a great thinking space. We have plenty of local cafes to go to. In fact, in June 2009 after we had settled in we decided to check out one new cafe or restaurant for lunch each week. November 2009 comes around and we have still not got to all of them! That is a lot of cafes. Plus it is nice for our clients, many of whom are in industrial estates or zones, to come to somewhere as beautiful as Berwick to meet with us. Below are some pictures of our office.


Successful Endeavours Berwick

Successful Endeavours Berwick

Our contacts page also has a picture of the outside of the Successful Endeavours Office plus a Google Map, Melways references and GPS coordinates.


Ray Keefe has been developing high quality and market leading electronics products in Australia for nearly 30 years. For more information go to his LinkedIn profile at Ray Keefe. This post is Copyright © 2011 Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd

1 thoughts on “National Award Local News

  1. Congratulations for winning the 2011 Electronics News Future Award for Industrial Electronics.

    It’s another accomplishment that substantiates your attention to quality design principles and manufacturing excellence. It’s important for prospective clients to know they are dealing with a multi-award winning team to get their products to market, because they don’t want to take any chances.

    Keep up the great work!

    Onward and upward!

    Dr Marc Dussault

    The Exponential Growth Strategist

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