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PACE Zenith Awards 2016

Thursday 28th July 2016

PACE Zenith Awards 2016

You might have seen that we are Casey Cardinia Business Awards Finalists for 2016.


Well today we found out that we are also finalists in the PACE Zenith Awards for 2016.


PACE Zenith Awards 2015

PACE Zenith Awards 2016

The categories are:


  • Water & Wastewater Control
  • Power & Energy Management
  • Best PLC, HMI & Sensor Product
  • Best Network Implementation


These are for four products designed over the past 12 months and we also want to thank our clients who gave us permission to put them forward for consideration.


So thank you to Water Synergy Group and IND Technology who gave us permission and who had the vision for the products we developed for them.


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