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Australia is a great place for electronics manufacture of products and embedded systems. It is both profitable and desirable to make these electronics products in Australia. We are enthusiastic and confident that this is achievable for a very wide range of products.

So how do we fit in? We make stuff work. Forget complexity, that’s our problem. We handle the details so you don’t have to. It’s not about bits and bytes and millivolts but about results. You want products you can sell at a profit. We want that as well. You don’t have to learn Mandarin to make a profit in electronics. You can stick to Aussie. It reduces the risk of commercial failure and it also reduces your time to market. Make it in Australia, and you will be making profits earlier.

So what’s to lose. Let’s make it happen today.

Founded in 1997, multi-award winning Successful Endeavours has been serving the Australian Manufacturing Industry through product development services covering electronics and embedded software development. We aim to make our clients as successful as possible within their chosen industry sector.

We have extensive experience in the development of international products including CE and UL certified products as well as A-tick and C-tick certified products for the Australian market.

A strong foundation in audio engineering and analogue signal processing and design as well as 20 years experience in the design of laboratory instrumentation and industrial controls allows us to successfully deliver a wide range of product development projects.

Our desire is for Australian manufacturers to become more competitive in the international market place. This is good for the country as a whole. To achieve this requires better, cheaper or smarter products to manufacture. We still want Australia to be the best country to live in midway through the 21st century; a place where our children and grandchildren have a great standard of living and the opportunity to shape their own futures.

Your next manufacturing success story is ready to be written. So contact us and let’s get started.

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