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Saving our planet 2021

Human Influence is causing Climate Crisis
Wednesday 11th August 2021

Saving our Planet! OK, I admit it. That is a big title. But also a big topic. So what do I mean? Australia was recently named the country lagging behind every other country in the world for climate action. In … Continue reading

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Good Design Australia Awards 2021

Good Design Awards Australia
Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Good Design Awards Australia 2021 We are pleased to announce that the  Infalurt child safety monitoring system has been selected as a finalist in the Good Design Australia Awards 2021. The Infalurt Child Safety System for automotive vehicles monitors and … Continue reading

Attracting and Retaining Engineers

Thursday 13th May 2021

This post was written by Juliana Queiroz, engineer and founder of What Engineers Want, a consulting company that helps manufacturers and engineering firms to unlock their engineers’ full potential towards excellence and innovation. Overcoming labour and skill shortages Businesses stand … Continue reading

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