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Australian Manufacturing Continues Strong Growth

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Australian Manufacturing Grows

Last night I was at the SEMMA (South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance) end of year get together at the Nissan Casting Plant in Dandenong. We were celebrating another year of Australian Manufacturing, and in particular Melbourne Manufacturing. The Nissan Casting Plant is a great example of how we can compete globally. Nissan  pulled their car assembly operation out of Australia a long time ago but the casting plant stayed and supplies their world chain.




And I was reminded again that not only is Australian Manufacturing not dead yet, it is in fact still growing. Check out this 5 year view of the Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index. 50 represents stable with numbers below 50 meaning it is contracting and numbers above 50 meaning it is expanding or growing.  The trend line is up and it has been expanding since 2015 with only one month where that didn’t happen.


Australian Manufacturing PMI 2017

Australian Manufacturing PMI 2017

That is three years of solid growth. So some really good news for the end of 2017 and I expect it to continue into 2018.


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