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Automated Manufacturing

Saturday 20th July 2013

Automated Manufacturing

Why Automate? It is expensive to do and takes a lot of time and planning. The answer is that you get 2 things for it simultaneously with Automation that you can’t get together any other way:


  • Consistency
  • Scale


But it is also an impressive thing to see in action as you can see below:-


Manufacturing Automation Trade-offs

The USA has increased its manufacturing revenues primarily through automation and has been shedding jobs over the long haul. So what is wrong with that?


Without local employment, an economy becomes unhealthy fairly quickly. The key to sustained economic growth is to continue to create new jobs. So unless the rest of the economy is creating more jobs than manufacturing is losing to automation, then the strategy can improve individual companies profitability at the expense of the rest of the economy.


So that has to be taken into account too in the overall balance.


For a similar look at how a complete passenger airliner is put together check out Aerospace Manufacturing.


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