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Data Analytics Drive Modern Business

Wednesday 7th September 2016

Data and Analytics

Today, data is available for nearly everything you can think of. Or if it isn’t, then it isn’t hard to add new data sources, both internal and external to a business. But data alone isn’t the answer. It is what you do with it, learn from it and decide based on it that really makes the difference.


Data Analytics

Data Analytics

So how do you know what everyone else is doing?


Or how you compare?


aiia , the Australian Information Industry Association, are doing a survey on Data and Analytics in Australia and sharing the results with anyone who contributes. So I’m writing this to encourage you to contribute. I did.


To find out why, you can check out this post by Roger Kermode on Leading and Lagging at Data Analytics.


Or just go straight to the survey: [Survey no longer available].  The link to the survey is at both the top and bottom of the page and some of the data in between might also interest you.


Australian Information Industry Association

Australian Information Industry Association


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