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Environmental Solution of the Year

Endeavour Awards Winner 2020
Thursday 9th July 2020

Environmental Solution of the Year

We have been awarded the Environmental Solution of the Year at the annual Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards. This is for the WaterLink SmartMESH pulse water meter reading IoT AMR system that uses Wirepas mesh networking to reduce monthly communications cost by allowing the water meter readers to form their own local mesh network.

This works particularly well for sites where the wiring for BMS integration isn’t already present and there also isn’t local power for the water meter reading modules. The units are battery operated with 10+ year battery life and capable of reading up to 6 water meters from a single unit. This is great for retrofitting to existing sites and equally useful for new sites where automated readings weren’t considered in the planning or building.

Only the gateways need to be Internet connected and this can be via cellular using the latest Cellular IoT Communications CAT-M1 or NB-IoT 4G technologies.That means no requirement for on site IT provisioning. Just cable tie a unit in place and hook up the pulse probe and it is ready to go.

The pulse probe connectors use screw terminals inside the connector body so you don’t even need those prewired. No mains power needed except for the gateways and they run from plug packs. And with 10+ year battery life they are nearly set and forget. You will get notified when the batteries need replacing so you don’t even need to keep track of that.

There is a web service for reporting hourly water usage including minimum and maximum flow rates. This allows advanced functions such as leak detection. One installation found a 27,000 Litres per day leak the first week it was installed.

WaterLink site water usage reporting

The system is in production and the best part from our perspective is that it is Made In Australia. So this is local manufacturing, local jobs and local value creation.

WaterLink daily usage reporting

IoT Technology Base

The IoT Technology Base underpinning the product is the key to the Low Power Electronics operation as well as the low cost of manufacturing.

Waterlink SmartMESH PCB
Waterlink SmartMESH PCB

The underpinning communications technologies come from u-blox with their SARA-R410M dual NB-IoT & CAT-M1 cellular module and NINA-B1 low power 2.4GHz radio module, and Wirepas for the most robust industrial grade IoT mesh networking protocol we have ever worked with.

u-Blox SARA-R410M
u-Blox SARA-R410M
u-Blox NINA-B112
u-Blox NINA-B112
Endeavour Award winners 2020

Endeavour Awards Finalists 2020

We are also pleased to have been selected as finalists for:

  • Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award
  • Excellence in Growth

Our congratulations go to all the winners and finalists. You are all making Australia better for your efforts and that is particularly important in a time like this where we have seen the value of local jobs and local and local value creation. Well done.

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