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IoT – Remote Telemetry Case Study

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is abbreviated to, is still an emerging trend. But it is driving some substantial changes in some industry areas. This includes the 4th Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0.


If you are deploying to a factory or industrial complex, then generally the networking and power is already dealt with and you can piggy back off the existing infrastructure. But what about deploying Remote Telemetry? If you wanted to measure water tank levels or water usage in a rural location you might have to use a solar powered or primary battery powered system and 3G or 4G communications to get the data back to a website or server. That can have its own challenges. The typical industrial computer used for these monitoring tasks and posting reports or transactions requires a lot of power to run and is expensive. So can you do it if the budget for the hardware is $600, you don’t want to use solar cells and also don’t want to change the batteries every month?


The answer is YES. Check out this short video to find out how.


The awards referred to are covered in our recent posts on the National Manufacturing Week Endeavour Awards and the Process Automation and Control Electronics PACE Zenith Awards. The applicable categories are:


  • Water and Wastewater  – IoT Monitoring Platform
  • Best Fieldbus Implementation – IoT Monitoring Platform
  • Power and Energy Management – IoT Monitoring Platform
  • Australian Industrial Product of the Year – IoT Monitoring Platform
  • IT Application of the Year – Telemetry Host IoT web platform
Endeavour Awards 2015 Finalists

Endeavour Awards 2015 Finalists


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1 thoughts on “IoT – Remote Telemetry Case Study

  1. Congratulations!

    Sounds like an awesome project that I am sure will attract new clients who want simple, elegant solutions that are cost effective and efficient!

    One of the things that is hard to explain as the Exponential Growth Strategist is how get the word out to prospective clients – this highlights it very well. One presentation, now available to anyone with a smart device and access to the Internet.
    Simple. Effective. Exponential.
    Well done!

    Onward and upward!
    Dr Marc Dussault

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