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Self Thinking Robots – Where it Began

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Self Thinking Robots

Although that is what they are called, I’m not convinced it is actually thinking. It certainly wouldn’t pass the Turing Test. But I thought this showed a good comparison as to how far the state of the art has come.


Lets start off with a look at the very beginnings of software controlled autonomy.




Above we have the first Autonomous Robot, Shakey, that could learn about its surroundings and adapt. Today any Roomba or equivalent can do better. But this is the same time period as we first went to the moon. And I believe my wrist watch currently has more computing power in it than the whole of the 1960s possessed.



And below we have an example of the latest offerings from Boston Dynamics named Handle.


Quite a bit different in capability. This might still be a one word robot by name, but you can see a lot of possibilities that weren’t even on the radar back in 1968.


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