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Space: The Final Frontier

Monday 19th March 2012

OK, I couldn’t resist the title. But you will see why below.


This post was inspired by Romanian teenager Raul Oaida who engaged the help of Melbourne entrepreneur Steve Sammatino to put together a space project. Their motivation was to remind us all that we can now do many things because we want to, if we are determined enough.


What they did is to build a Lego model of the Space Shuttle and attach it to a helium-filled balloon then include a GPS and video camera. It was successfully launched into space where it attained a height of 35,000 metres. And they videoed the whole thing. I have spent my life in Electronics Design and so examples like this of what you can do with modern electronics is something I get a particular kick out of. Enjoy.



The launch took place in central Germany because they could get the flight clearance there. It makes you wonder just what we could achieve if we get a vision for an objective like Raul did and then just “Make It Happen”! That’s going to be my thought for the rest of today.


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9 thoughts on “Space: The Final Frontier

  1. It’s incredible and truly enhancing to think what we can really achieve if we want to Love It.
    Thanks Ray

  2. Hello Ray,

    This is quite amazing… surreal!

    As I watched the clip I could not help “seeing” a Lego Death Star approaching with great foreboding. Maybe a whole pantomine can be performed like this in actual space!

    Thanks Ray,


  3. Hi Ray
    What a great clip and what an awesome idea!

    Hey, lets launch a (lego)space shuttle and see where it goes….

    The sky really is the limit!


  4. Thanks for this post Ray,
    It is amazing these days how technology is making things possible today that was impossible only 5 years ago. Thanks to cleaver guys like you, electronics are allowing all of us to push the boundaries, even outer space!

    Mark Mackenzie
    If You Want It Off, We’ll Get It Off!

    The Graffiti Eaters
    Ph 1300 305 307

  5. Hi Ray,

    What a great post. I think this story is just brilliant and inspiring. Kind of makes my daily world of town planning look a little dull. But hey it’s certainly inspired me today. And I ‘m certain for at least the next few weeks every time I think of a new idea or challenge, I will say to myself “yeah – but a kid put a space shuttle in space. Have a go!” One of our services we call Can I Build? allows property owners to get answers to their questions. Watching this makes me think we could shift the whole philosophy of the service to look and focus on opportunity, not obstacles. Thanks for sharing the story.

    Brian Matthews, Axis Planning, Brisbane.

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