5G Mobile Communications

5G Mobile Technology

5G is the latest in the mobile communications and follows on from 4G which is what is powering most high performance mobile commuting devices in advanced economies today. However the exact technical standards and technologies to implement 5G are still being formulated. At its heart lies the requirements for increased mobile data, the explosion of widely distributed and connected devices known as the Internet of Things, a huge increase in the number of simultaneous connections needing to be operating together and the need to reduce both the cost of devices and the energy demand to sustain the data transfer rates.


Another way of putting this, is that we are in the Requirements Capture and Technology Assessment phase of this global project. In 5 years time we will be in the roll out phase.


From 1G to 5G

The following infographic from the LTE World Series Conference Blog helps to explain the changes as we moved from 1G analog communications in the early 1990s to the current 4G LTE technology and onward to 5G next decade.


5G Mobile Communications Infographic

5G Mobile Communications Infographic


IEEE Spectrum are also watching with interest as Experts Plot A Path to 5G.


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