Australian Manufacturing Strong in 2019

Australian Manufacturing 2019

Australian Manufacturing continues to grow and 2019 sees it starting well and continuing to grow. 2018 saw 85,000 new jobs created in Manufacturing, among the highest of any sector of the Australian economy.

So what are the priorities for 2019?

Australian Manufacturing Priorities

Australian Manufacturing Priorities, according to This Year’s Model: Priorities for Australian Manufacturing in 2019 by the AIGroup, was reportedin Manufacturers’ Monthly. The priorities listed are:

  • Skills
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste
  • Standards in the built environment
  • Employment and safety regulation
  • Innovation

And finally, someone is recognising that Innovation applies to everything, not just technology. Because Australia really needs innovation in management and business development, not just in products and processes.

Australian Manufacturing PMI

Australian Manufacturing PMI continues to be above 50 meaning growth. Here is the last years showing a couple of noticeable dips and an overall upward growth.

Australian PMI 2019
Australian PMI 2019

We also get to see the China, Singapore and Japan PMI and Australia is outperforming them at the moment. Looking forward to continued growth for Australia.

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