Australian Manufacturing Continues to Grow Strongly

Australian Manufacturing Boom

I’m really pleased to announce that the growth in Australian Manufacturing last year was the biggest since the GFC. Australian Manufacturing Exports now exceed 2009 levels and it was the second largest jobs growth sector in the entire Australian economy.


You can probably tell I’m pretty excited about that.


Here are the statistics:


  • 40,000 new Australian Manufacturing Jobs in the past year
  • $100B in Australian Manufacturing Exports in the past year
  • $8B in raw Australian Manufacturing profits in the past quarter


And as covered in I Nearly Retired, Australian Manufacturing it has been expanding nearly every month for the past 22 months. I’m looking forward to August when it will be two straight years.


Australia Manufacturing PMI 2015-2017 shows growth the whole way

Australia Manufacturing PMI 2015-2017 shows growth the whole way



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