Victorian Boost Your Business

Boost your Business program

The Victorian government has often had the best business and technology voucher programs in Australia and the Boost Your Business program is no exception to that rule. Up to 12th May 2019 you can apply for a voucher and it is $1 from you and $4 from the government up to a value of $50,000.

Business Victoria
Business Victoria

The categories of vouchers are:

  • Advanced Victorian Manufacturing Stream
  • Asia Gateway Stream
  • Defence, Aerospace and Security Stream
  • Entrepreneurs with Disability Stream
  • Food Innovation Stream
  • Early stage feasibility and testing vouchers
  • Social Enterprise Capability Stream
  • Victoria Israel Innovation Stream

Successful Endeavours are a registered supplier for the program so if you are looking to do some product development work under the Advanced Victorian Manufacturing Stream then we can support that.

There are eligibility criteria so check that out. You will find that it is easy to get advice from the program coordinators. Go to Boost Your Business to find out more, make applications and get assistance.

This is a very good deal so take advantage of it if you can.

Successful Endeavours specialise in Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development, focusing on products that are intended to be Made In AustraliaRay Keefe has developed market leading electronics products in Australia for more than 30 years.

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