Branding – what’s the big deal?


So what is Branding? Well, it is one of the most important concepts in business. Simply put, your Brand encapsulates your promise to your customers. As an engineer who was running an Electronics Design business, I was your typical eMyth technician, or in my case, Engineer. I didn’t understand that there were dimensions to business beyond being technically good. So we (and me especially) had to come to grips with the idea of branding among others.



So if you see branding, positioning and brand marketing as something you want to do better, then is there somewhere you can get a jump start?


The simple answer is yes.


BrandCode Marketing and Positioning

BrandCode Marketing and Positioning

This blog is mostly about technology and engineering but it also encompasses business principles and you have seen me talk about business recognition through the awards we have received. That is one of our Brand Strategies


So I would like to introduce you to Ros Weadman who is a branding and marketing expert and who assisted us in our finalist position last year in 15 awards and multiple industry publication articles from last year and so far this year.


Ros Weadman - Brandcode

Ros Weadman – Brandcode

She has written her first book (I think not her last) on everything she has learnt over the past 30 years about branding and marketing. It is called Brandcode and you can get a copy from Brandcode.


I bought more than one so I could share with those I thought would benefit.


Branding – does it matter

So is this just marketing blurb, or does it really matter?


Short answer, yes. If you can’t brand yourself, then you can’t promote yourself. And here in Australia, that is a big issue. With the Tall Poppy Syndrome and the idea that those who promote themselves aren’t for real (complete tossers is the term I hear) then this is a key to positioning yourself in the marketplace.


So I can say with absolute conviction that if you get this right then you are well placed to succeed.


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