Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

A lot of focus is going into Hybrid and All Electric Cars. Tesla being the most well known example though there are many other successful players in this market. However the Electric Aircraft or Electric Plane or E-Plane is moving along a bit slower.



At its core, the E-Plane is a harder design challenge. You have to address a lot of different issues at once and many are in direct contradiction with each other. A short list of top competing requirements is:


  • weight versus range versus battery size
  • safety
  • cost
  • compliance and regulation

So lets look at some examples of how it is going.

Siemen’s EFusion.




Airbus E fan




Pioneer Commercial Electric Plane: Yuneec E-430


And the latest kid on the block, SunFlyer.



So this looks like it still has a fair way to go before large scale commercial adoption is possible. However we have definitely reached the point where short range and ultra light E-Planes are both technically and financially ready for market.


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