Technology Challenge Feasibility Study

Technology Challenge

We have had to keep quiet about this until the Victorian Government announcement today. Now we can let you know that Successful Endeavours was awarded the Feasibility Study stage for the Gas Sensors in Sewers project. We will be working with Melbourne Water to put together the study and it will be based on our data logging and sensor interface technology with a little help from a collaboration partner. More on that later.


Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water

Driving Business Innovation

The program is called the Driving Business Innovation program and is one of the ways the Victorian Government is creating local commercial opportunity for Victorian businesses by aligning local business capability with the needs of government agencies. The result is the technology needed to better serve the people of Victoria and a new commercial opportunity to grow jobs and revenue in Victoria.



Department of State Development and Business Innovation

At a time when we see a federal perspective more like killing off opportunities, it is good to see a government that gets the need for jobs and income in the future and is prepared to do something positive to support that.


Collaboration Creates Opportunity

Hybrid Electronics and Successful Endeavours both have Intellectual Property to contribute to the final solution should the project proceed to the Proof of Concept stage. In order to win the Feasibility Study, we collaborated to share technology, expertise and presented a combined case for the project.


Hybrid Electronics

Hybrid Electronics

The work is underway and we hope to have more good news in the future.


Our congratulations go to the other companies who were also awarded Feasibility Study grants.


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