Worlds Thinnest Hologram


Holograms are the product of Holography. This sounds rather self referencing. You can think of this as recording light the way you record sound. So you can have monophonic sound or full surround sound. A 3D Hologram allows you to see the original object from different directions as you move around it even though it is no longer present.


We have all seen futuristic movies where a 3D rendering of someone appears as if it was the person really there. And this is one of the goals of 3D Holograms. So it is exciting to see some breakthroughs in this area being pioneered in Australia at RMIT University.



This is also a good example of collaboration, something we don’t see enough of in Australia.


You can read the full story at World’s Thinnest Hologram Promises 3D Images on Our Mobile Phones.


3D Hologram

3D Hologram


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