Brain Scanning Gets Scary

Brain Scanning

The ability to scan details of the brain is a common theme of both science fiction and also modern medicine’s wish list. So just how likely is it that we will be able to do that any time soon?


Check out this image captured by a project focused on capturing the Wiring Diagram of the Brain.


MRI Brain Activity Scan

MRI Brain Activity Scan

Well in June 2016 researchers showed that they could uniquely identify a person with 99% confidence based purely on their brain scan. This uses newly developed magnetic resonance imaging equipment that has come out of the Human Connectome Project and can also show the following:


  • how you will perform on an IQ test
  • how you will perform on a memory task
  • how you will perform on a reading task


That seems pretty specific.


What we have learnt is that while we are all unique, there are some common elements we can use to define capabilities. We are still a long way from Gattaca and I am OK with that.


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