HLP Plumbguard a finalist at IoT Impact 2023

IoT Impact 2023

IoT Impact is on again this year. This time in Sydney. You can click on the IoT Impact link to buy tickets to the event.

Successful Endeavours will be exhibiting this year. Last time was in 2019 and COVID has put a stop to a lot of that. Last year we exhibited at Australian Manufacturing Week which was on in the same timeslot but this year things are a bit better coordinated. So if you do come along to IoT Impact then please drop in and say hello. We are at stand 12.

Plus the conference has a good range of speakers across the IoT Space so check that out as well.

IoT Impact Awards

And as a bonus, the Plumbguard MkIV Bluetooth product is a finalist in the IoT Impact Awards in the Health category. Last year it won Industrial Product of the Year at the Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards so we are very pleased with this extra recognition for this Designed in Australia and Made in Australia life saving product that is sold by HLP Controls in Sydney.

PlumbGuard MkIV Bluetooth

PlumbGuard MkIV Bluetooth

Australian Made PCBs

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly (PCBA) was manufactured by Precision Electronic Technologies in Mitcham, Victoria who have been a key supplier to us for more than 20 years. If you ever need a PCB put together for you, we highly recommend them.

Precision Electronics Technologies

Precision Electronics Technologies

Successful Endeavours specialise in Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development, focusing on products that are intended to be Made In AustraliaRay Keefe has developed market leading electronics products in Australia for more than 30 years.

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