Automation: Rubik’s Cube

Automated Solving of Rubik’s Cube

The whole point of Automation is to take something that was manually done, and do it via a machine or mechanism in a controlled manner. With more and more software and intelligence being available to use for any purpose, it isn’t surprising that we are looking at more and more ways of Automating things and at a higher level of Automation.


This post was inspired by the recent breaking of the Rubik’s Cube solving record by Cubestormer 3. This is a robot driven by a smart phone. No super computers here, unless you consider that this smart phone would have been a super computer not that long ago.


Watch the whirl as the cube is solved in just over 3 seconds.


The other cool thing about this is that they used Lego Mindstorms for the robot mechanisms! When is a toy no longer a toy? It is getting harder to tell with products like this. The Motor Drives and Electronic Controls plus software involved are getting to be impressive.


The original story came from GEEK OUT at Gizmodo at Lego Robot With A Smartphone Brain Shatters Rubik’s Cube World Record .


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