Manufacturing Innovation Precincts

Innovation Precincts

50 years of low support for local industries can do a lot to discourage innovation. So it is a good thing to see the federal government putting some thought behind how to stimulate local industry growth instead of stifling it. I personally think they have hit on a good formula this time. The core features of the new Innovation Precincts are:


  • Governments shouldn’t try and pick individual winners
  • Industry knows best what it needs
  • Collaboration is always better than handouts
  • Government support for the process is needed
  • A good leadership team is the first and most important step


The Manufacturing Innovation Precinct is now up and running under the leadership of Albert Goller who certainly has the experience for the job. And having spoken with him, I believe he also has the right mindset. Here is what Albert has to say:-



Unfortunately the idea doesn’t have bipartisan support which is a serious threat. These links will give you some details of the precincts:-


Manufacturing Innovation Precinct Building Critical Mass


Manufacturing Innovation Precinct Threatened


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