Innovative PCB Artistic Creations

Today’s post comes hot on the heels of my viewing something really special. A member of one of my LinkedIn groups, Steven Rodrig, has used his artistic imagination to create some really amazing pieces of Technology Art from PCBs and Electronic Components.


Please check it out at PCB Creations


And here is just one example to inspire you to check out his website at the link above.

PCB Roach - an example of technology art

PCB Roach – an example of technology art

The other great thing about this is that it was done using left over materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. A great example of waste reduction that actually makes it a huge positive. Now I am wondering what we have lying around here that I could do something more useful with? I hope you are inspired as well.


Innovation is a word that is used a lot, and sometimes we forget that it means to do or think differently in some way. So this is truly innovative use of Technology such as Electronics and PCBs.


Thanks for creating these Steven.


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