Light at Work

Putting Light to Work

Light is a really interesting thing. It has so many different aspects. And it took us a long time to work out exactly how it functioned. And in many ways that is still an ongoing process. So this post is a brief survey of some recent advances in our understanding of light, how to use it, and how to generate it.


Extracting Energy from Light

Recent advances in Quantum Dots have taken us one step closer to improving our extracting of energy from light and Solar Cells continue to improve.


Quantum Dot Solar Energy Conversion from Windows


New record for Solar Cell efficiency


The chart below  shows that the fastest improving Solar Cell technologies (the 2 steepest red lines) are Perovskite Solar Cells and Quantum Dot Solar Cells. Click to get a larger version.


Solar Cell Efficiencies - By Time And Technology

Solar Cell Efficiencies – By Time And Technology

And for a good summary of PV (PhotoVoltaic) technologies the link below provides a useful guide.


What makes a good PV Technology


So apart from turning the light in electricity, what else can we do with light?


Light for Communication

Light is also useful as a communications tool. And recent advances in Quantum Dot management of light means it could hold the key to higher levels of computing power in the future, as well as more secure communications.


Quantum Dots set speed record for switching


Phototonic Hypercrystals improve light control


Photonic Hypercrystals

Photonic Hypercrystals

Saucer Shaped Quantum Dots improve LASER brightness


Two steps closer to a Quantum Internet


The last link is particularly interesting because it involved entangling photons at a distance. And the first experiments have already been successful.


Quatum Entangled Photon Communications

Quantum Entangled Photon Communications

But is there more?


Other uses of light

As it happens, yes there is.


Nanoscale structure purifies water using light


Artificial Photosynthesis extracts CO2


So this remains a very busy space.


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