Analogue Electronics – Improving Signal Integrity

Analogue Electronics

Sometimes you come across a post elsewhere that is absolutely on the ball. When it comes to Low Cost Electronics Manufacture, Analogue Electronics Design and Analogue signal integrity, the three are closely linked. Many a product has had expensive technical band-aids added to it to cover up poor underlying Analogue Electronics Design. So avoiding the poor Electronics Design will avoid the unnecessary expense. This is especially true when it comes to the two most misunderstood aspects of Electronics Design:

  • Analogue Electronics
  • Radio Frequency Electronics (RF Design)

For this post we will focus on Analogue Electronics and some simple strategies to avoid problems. A problem you don’t have is a problem you don’t have to fix. The key to success with Analogue Electronics is very simple:

  • Know what you are doing
  • Do it right the first time


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