Renewable Energy Cleans Up Coal

Renewable Energy On The Rise

Renewable Energy is having a big impact all over the world. I was particularly pleased to hear that a new deal on energy prices in the USA offered solar electricity generation at $0.0199 per kWh and electric energy from storage batteries at $0.013.

You can read the details for yourself at Coal Gas On Notice.

So that is a big deal because at that price point PV Solar with storage is now cheaper than coal.

The Future of Solar

The Future of Solar is bright. Yes, pun intended. But there are a lot of projects running and 2019 is shaping up to be another record year for solar electric installations in Australia.

Solar electricity generation in Australia

And there are technical breakthroughs on the horizon as researchers look at stacking cells to harvest more energy from the same photons, and also increasing single solar cell efficiency by splitting photons before they hit the cell.

Solar Cell efficiency rises due to tetracene coatings that split the energy in photons

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles continue development with plenty of offers now on the table or about to be released. A new move from Swedish firm Uniti is the release of a two person all electric vehicle with a range of over 300Km and a proposal to build them in Adelaide for a sale price of $20,000. The Uniti One is expected to be on the market in 2020 with early adopters able to sign up now.

Uniti One all electric 2 seater vehicle

For more information about electric vehicles go to The Driven.

For more information on the environment and renewable energy go to Renew Economy.

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