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From the news you wouldn’t know this, but manufacturing is currently the second highest growth sector of the Australian economy. And since Successful Endeavours develops new electronics based products that are intended for local manufacture in Australia, we are really busy right now.

So we are looking for people to add to our team.


Why we exist

Successful Endeavours designs complex electronics based products that are intended to be made in Australia. We want to leave the next generation with a vibrant economy that hasn’t been strip mined of wealth and which allows them to have the resources to continue to make the world a better place.


Sample Electronics Projects

Here are some examples of the types of projects we worked on in the past 12 months:


  • 3 Phase power factor correction controller
  • Trip on loss of power high voltage distribution switch manager
  • 1 Phase power factor correction controller
  • high voltage Hybrid Switch new generation design
  • ATE – production automation test equipment
  • arcHUB smart cities sensor platform
  • street light management system
  • water pollution measurement system
  • agricultural produce weighing system
  • electronic bagpipe
  • child monitoring system
  • oil platform safety monitoring communications system
  • data logger custom HMIs
  • truck parking system communications interface
  • hand held chemical assay preparation system
  • infrared and microwave movement sensors for intruder detection
  • plumber safety tester
  • IND Technology – SWER Line EVFD system
  • heart arrhythmia monitoring system with remote reporting
  • sewer sensor systems feasibility study
  • freezer management system
  • patient location system
  • Rain Sensor for the automatic opening roof systems
  • medical sample programmable centrifuge
  • battery operated water meter with cellular communications
  • wireless nurse call system
  • indoor factory and warehouse light management
  • truck rolling detection and braking system
  • air pallet lifting vacuum monitor
  • Automotive ECU body controller for capstan and recovery winches with wireless control
  • blood strip analyser
  • magflow RS485 pulse interface
  • waste management system
  • electronic game to get children and young adults off screens
  • electronic ladder level monitor to reduce falls from unstable ladders

And a few we can’t mention because of NDAs or they aren’t on the market yet.


Who we are looking for

Typically you will have done an electronics engineering, mechatronics, communication engineering or computer science degree focussing on small embedded systems. We develop both electronics from scratch and the embedded software that run on it as well as the PC and web technical services that support it. Most modern products are 80%+ software development so that is where our main need lies.


We develop code typically in C, C++ and Python with some PHP thrown in for good measure on the web services. Most of our systems do not run an operating system so we code from scratch for those. Larger systems would run Linux or Android but there are fewer projects using these.


Because we often do things for the first time in the world, you can’t google the answer to that. So you will be prepared to develop new solutions and come at problems from multiple directions. Since it is brand new, we can’t get it right first time every time, so working out the problems and providing robust solutions is a priority.


We aim to help our clients succeed in getting a commercially successful, reliable and profitable product into manufacture in Australia.


And we have a lot of fun doing all of that. We are now a team of 12 and looking to grow further.


So if you think this challenge could be for you, then a few other criteria:


  • you must have a permanent Australian residency VISA
  • and be able to work in Australia
  • we will want to see your academic results for reference
  • and will check with your job references

If interested, send an email to “jobs AT successful DOT com DOT au” (I’m sure you can piece that together) and we will get back to you with further instructions.


IoT Awards Successful Endveavours

IoT Awards Successful Endveavours

Successful Endeavours specialise in Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development, focusing on products that are intended to be Made In AustraliaRay Keefe has developed market leading electronics products in Australia for more than 30 years. This post is Copyright © 2018 Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd.