Casey Tech School

Tech Schools Project

In Schools of the Future I wrote about the Victorian Government Tech School initiative which is intended to augment existing High Schools with a High Technology facility that is a shards asset for the all the schools in the area. The intent is to improve Australia’s digital readiness, STEM adoption and aid schools to prepare students for Jobs of the Future or the Industries of Tomorrow (or even today in many cases).


The Casey Tech School is expected to open in 2018 with construction under way now. I am one of the industry directors and keen to see the project achieve its fairly ambitious targets.


One of the lines I like from The Dish is “This is science’s chance to be daring”. For me, the Tech School Project is “Education’s chance to be daring”. And certainly offer a huge opportunity for Innovation in Education.


The Yarra Ranges Tech School has been up and running for a while and a big help to the rest of the projects as we are all able to learn from their experience. They recently interviewed me on careers perspectives and have provided a copy of the edited video for our own use. So here it is.


“Tomorrows jobs will be created by the workers, not companies”. Ray Keefe 2016.


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