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Tetris: Big Time

Monday 7th April 2014


Tetris was the first Russian game exported to the USA. It is a geometric puzzle matching game where falling clusters of squares can be rotated before they hit the bottom. The aim is to form rows with no gaps. These disappear and the stack drops 1 level. The longer you can keep rows disappearing, the higher the score. Once you can no longer fit a new cluster, known as a Tetromino, onto the screen, the game is over. It requires good 2D visualisation skills to excel at and is thoroughly addictive. I started played it in my teens and the game lent itself to computer gaming and has appeared on every platform there is.


Tetris Tetriminos - rotate and fill the gaps

Tetris Tetriminos

Skyscraper Tetris

So what can you possibly do to Innovate Tetris? Well they came up with a great idea in Philadelphia where they played Tetris using skyscrapers.


That would have taken a little coordinating. But with the advent of modern radio based short range communications the technology is already there to do things like this.


My thanks go to Dr Marc Dussault, The Exponential Growth Strategist who brought this to my attention, and also brought back so many good memories.


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