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A Better Diode

Tuesday 12th June 2018

What is wrong with Diodes?

At one level, nothing. The humble Diode conducts current in one direction only, can have very large voltage blocking capabilities and a Schottky Diode can have lower forward voltages so it dissipates less heat.


diode transfer function

diode transfer function

All very well and good while currents are modest. But very high currents lead to high power dissipation in the Diode. So I was very interested to read about a new method of blocking reverse current at a fraction of the forward voltage drop of conventional diodes.


Honeycomb Lattice Magnetic Diodes



A new Honeycomb Lattice built at nano scale operates on magnetic rather than electric fields to control current flow. The result is a significant reduction in forward voltage. And the technology may prove capable of creating magnetic transistors with similar advantages.

Honeycomb Lattice Magnetic Diode

Honeycomb Lattice Magnetic Diode

These are very early days with patents lodged and a lot of work required before it is ready at commercial scale but it is always encouraging to see new breakthroughs like this. And technology breakthroughs like this are key to future opportunities for Low Power Electronics.


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