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From Engineer to Entrepreneur

Monday 21st June 2010

This week I was the recipient of an Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year award. Last year we were received two awards for technical excellence when we won two of the 15 EDN Innovation awards handed out in Australia in 2009.


So I was very pleased to be receiving an award recognising the business side of Successful Endeavours. The award was presented by Dr Marc Dussault of Exponential Programs and recognises entrepreneurs and business people who have demonstrated excellence deploying exponential strategies in their business by profitably creating exceptional value for their clients in a manner that is both measurable and sustainable. The award received was in the category of Engineering Consultant and was one of only 6 handed out in 2010 and the only one in that category.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Ray Keefe

Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Ray Keefe receives his award from Dr Marc Dussault.

You can read more about the awards at Exponential Programs Entrepreneur of the Year Awards page.


The main reason for this post is to touch on the most significant aspect of this award for me. I once said that as a Business Owner I made a pretty good Engineer. The past 18 months has a seen a transition away from that to the point now where I can say that I am an Entrepreneur who is also an Engineer. Engineering is a Profession and so it isn’t something that suddenly stops being relevant. Our education and mindset is all based on practical problem solving through the use of technology while balancing performance, risk and cost. And we apply this skillset and mindset to most aspects of our lives, even when it isn’t the only way to go about it. So I am very pleased to be making this transition. Not only is our business better for it but our clients are as well.


And I also thank our clients for the trust they have placed in us to deliver Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development for their next generation of market leading products, the vast majority of which are still made in Australia at a profit.


Here is a picture of the Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year award certificate.

Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year Certificate

Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year Certificate

The initial nomination was published on PRWeb at 2010 Exponential Entrepreneur Award Winners Announced.


Ray Keefe has been developing high quality and market leading electronics products in Australia for nearly 30 years. For more information go to his LinkedIn profile. This post is Copyright © 2010 Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd.

17 thoughts on “From Engineer to Entrepreneur

  1. Ray,

    Congratulations to you and your team. It’s fabulous to receive recognition and acknowledgment of your achievements.

    Conspiring for your success,
    Catherine Rumble

  2. Congratulations Ray. the result of your work has allowed Schaffler to manufacture the most advanced railway battery chargers worldwide. We look forward to further development that will enhance the export of our products.

    Bernard Schaffler

  3. Well done! Congratulations!
    Lots of hard work, sacrifice, and the blessing of God …

  4. Congratulations Ray! Excellent result.
    Persistant application and continuous improvement will always win out in the long run.

  5. Is there anything you can’t do Ray? You are certainly a better man than most!
    Good on you!

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