Australian Manufacturing Increasing Trend

Australian Manufacturing PMI

The Australian Manufacturing PMI is a measure of the manufacturing economy in Australia. A score above 50 means it is growing and a score below 50 means it is shrinking. I recently reported in the post about out new location that we had been in growth for the past 17 months but according to one data source we missed out for a couple of months during that time. For the history see:



So I thought I would double check the data. I went to the Trading Economies Australian Manufacturing PMI and looked at the trend since 2012. Here is what I saw.


Australia Manufacturing PMI 2016

Australia Manufacturing PMI 2016


So my understanding of this graph is that after the Global Financial Crisis we saw Australian Manufacturing decline but since 2012 the decline has slowed and this past year it has grown.


As a result, I continue to be encouraged that Australian Manufacturing is Growing and we will continue to support that by developing modern electronics based products that are Made in Australia.


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