Visualisation: Part 3

From Engineer To Entrepreneur

This is another one of those pictures that gives you a different impression of which way the door swings depending on whether you use the top of the picture or the bottom of the picture as your reference.


The door swings both ways - can you tell

The door swings both ways

On the evening of 31st August I was asked to share with the IEEE Computer Society Victoria Chapter on the topic of making the transition from thinking like an Engineer to thinking like an Entrepreneur. It is not the first time that I have been recognised as knowing something about this topic. My Business Mentor, Dr Marc Dussault The Exponential Growth Strategist, presented me with an award specifically for having made this step From Engineer To Entrepreneur within his Business Mastery program.

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society

Engineers Think Like

As an Engineer I have to think in terms of:

  • Technical Requirements
  • Implementation Technology
  • Architecture and Functional Decomposition
  • Risk Elimination or at least Mitigation
  • Test Methodology
  • Delivery to Budget and Schedule
  • Project Deliverables

Entrepreneurs Think Like

As an Entrepreneur I need to think in terms of:

  • Who has a need and how can I meet it?
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Pricing Policy
  • Prospecting and Sales Channels
  • Leverage and Scalability
  • Business performance and metrics
  • Human Resources
  • Profitability

These are perspectives which are nearly orthogonal. Just like the door that seems to swing one way when looked at from the top, and another when looked from the bottom.

The presentation went very well and we had a good hour or Question and Answer time afterward.

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