Invisibility Cloak – Some Progress

Invisibility Cloak

The Invisibility Cloak has been an area of interest for a long time and is a common future technology explored in Science Fiction movies and series as well as fantasy series like Harry Potter. There has been some recent progress. Watch the video below to see.


This is obviously cumbersome to take with you in order to stay invisible. So a recent nanotechnology example is worth looking at to show how well a conformal coated Invisibility Cloak could work.


It will be interesting to see how well this works when it is scaled up.


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PCB Design could be changed forever

Carbon Nanotubes replace Solder Pads

Recent breakthroughs in nanotechnology could change the way Printed Circuit Boards, PCBs, are made and this could start happening soon. If you either the Design PCBs or Manufacture PCBs then you will want to keep up with this new technology that uses Nanotape PCB Pads.


Here is a picture showing how the NanoTape structures differ from conventional Solder Pads. Although they look the same from the outside, the internal geometry shows the higher thermal and electrical conduction created by the Carbon Nanotubes. This can significantly help in product miniaturisation and for high power designs where both the enhanced thermal and electrical performance will improve the efficiency.

NanoTape replaces solder pads







Like all new technologies, there will be teething problems but this has the potential to overcome the Tin Whisker issues that plagued PCBs before the introduction of Lead to Solder and which have emerged again with the move to RoHS compliance and the use of Lead Free Solder.


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