Australian Manufacturing Growth Continues

Australian Manufacturing PMI


Unlike what you are probably hearing from politicians, Australian Manufacturing is one of the current success stories of the Australian economy. Currently the second highest growth sector in Australia, Australian Manufacturing has been in growth every month bar one since mid 2015. Check out the chart below from Trading Economics Australian Manufacturing PMI.



Which is really great news for Australia because Australian Manufacturing:


  • creates fundamental value
  • creates more indirect jobs around it than any other industry
  • spreads wealth more evenly through the Australian community than any other industry

So jobs, equitable distribution of wealth and a thriving service sector are all better because of local manufacturing.


Australian made products

Our focus is on products you can make in Australia. And profitably of course. Some recent examples of Australian made products we have worked on are:



And quite a few we can’t tell you about yet.


Successful Endeavours is a leading economic indicator business. When we get busy, the Australian economy will be going through a lift in 6 to 12 months. And we are very busy right now. Which I am taking as a very good sign.


Some additional resources if you want to know more are:


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